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Ti 6mm to 14mm adapter


New and improved! Now featuring a 12 point profile to double the contact points with the crank bolt.

An ultralight titanium adapter for your trail toolkit when using eeWings cranks.

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Ever found yourself out in the middle of nowhere with a crank bolt that has somehow come loose? I know I have. While you may not have a torque wrench ready to tighten it back up to 37ft-lbs, this adapter could save the day and allow you to limp to the next trailhead or bike shop.

Or maybe you’re out on a multi-day trip and your BB starts making bad noises. Is that tiny bike shop in the next town going to have a 14mm hex to remove your cranks and service your BB?

These questions kept me up at night after I ordered fancy new cranks for my bike, so I designed this adapter for peace of mind in the backcountry. A machine shop in Kansas City with expertise in titanium manufacturing made it reality.

Light enough to throw it in your tool kit and forget about it until you really need it. Requires a 6mm hex for use (not included).

  • Specs:
      • Weight: 6g
      • Material: Ti 6Al-4V
      • Made in USA

*Note: fits newer 14mm hex eeWings crank bolts, not compatible with the older 10mm design.

**The eeWings standard 14mm hex tool weighs 80g.

Weight 0.006 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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