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Rack Roll


A dual bag system designed for efficiency. The outer bag includes webbing attachment points and pockets, while the inner bag is lightweight and tape sealed. This combination results in a robust waterproof system that’s quick and easy to use.

Voile straps are included.

More information below.

*Made to order, current lead times on Shop page.

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The outer bag is made from Ultra which is lightweight yet extremely abrasion resistant. The inner bag is an ultralight dry bag made from laminated ripstop polyester with Ultra reinforcement fibers. When rolled at least 3 times at each end the inner dry bag is waterproof. The side pockets on the outer bag provide quick access to small items, they have a velcro closure with magnet buckles for extra security to avoid ejecting on rough terrain. There’s a stretch pocket on top of the bag for an inReach/Spot tracker and shock cord for overflow items. The bag is designed to be attached to a rack with velcro straps  and daisy chain webbing on the bottom of the bag, then secured with 25″ Voile straps.

Why 2 bags? There are a few reasons:

  • We prefer packing a separate dry bag off the bike and sliding the well-packed bag into a handlebar bag. This also allows you to quickly remove the contents of your handlebar bag and take them into your shelter without getting anything wet.
  • A separate inner dry bag allows you to separate wet items from dry items. Dry gear can go inside the dry bag, and wet gear can live next to it inside the outer bag. We use this functionality if our tarp or bivy is wet and we need to put it away before drying it.
  • Even with heavy duty bags, dry bags exposed to the trail can develop small holes that compromise waterproofness. With an outer protective layer and inner waterproof layer, your gear is more likely to stay dry.

*Dry bag not intended for submersion. Each end must be rolled at least 3 times for a waterproof seal.

Included with each handlebar bag:

  • 2x 25″ Voile straps
  • Uniwrap velcro straps



  • Volume: 9L
  • Max length: 18″ (46cm)
  • Diameter: 6.5″ (16.5cm)



Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1.5 in
Main Ultra Material

White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black

Accent (pocket) color

Hot Pink ECOPAK, Red ECOPAK, Bright Orange ECOPAK, Golden Yellow ECOPAK, Green ECOPAK, Teal ECOPAK, Bright Blue ECOPAK, Dark Blue ECOPAK, Purple ECOPAK, Coyote ECOPAK, Black ECOPAK


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