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Bikepacking Consultation 1hr Video Call


Schedule a bikepacking consultation call with Andrew or Katie. We’d love to help you confidently plan a bikepacking trip or race.

We will send you a questionnaire to determine the topics you would like to target and to schedule a meeting time. After your call, we will provide a follow-up email with information and resources discussed during our conversation.

Some of the topics we can cover:

-Gear choice
-Route review and resupply planning
-Mental preparation
-Pacing and planning
-Basic nutrition and hydration
-Physical preparation
-Any other bikepacking/trip planning questions!


Here are some of the routes and races we have completed (video/blog posts linked below):

Tour Divide
Colorado Trail
Arizona Trail 300 and 800
Highland Trail 550
Idaho Smoke ‘n Fire 400
Utah Mixed Epic
White Rim Trail
Peaks and Plateaus
Grand Staircase Loop
Pinyons and Pines
Black Canyon Trail
Santa Rita Ramble
Sky Islands West Loop
Kofa Refuge Bike Tour
Vapor Trail
Alpine Loop
Monumental Loop
Cannonball 550
Western Express/Trans Am (coast to coast road tour)

And many more self-planned routes!


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