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Frame Bag Template Photo
  1. Prepare your bike
    • Remove anything that obstructs the view of the main triangle.
    • Remove bottle cages and partially screw in the bottle cage bolts. If you’re ordering a half frame bag, leave bottle cages installed and add bottles for your photo.
    • Stand up a rigid tape measure vertically against the frame, or tape a measuring tape along the top tube so that it is taught and straight. Be sure not to obstruct the inside edges of the main triangle. We just need a reference point somewhere in the photo, no need to measure each tube.
  2. Photo set up
    • Take this photo outside in daylight for best results!
    • If you’ve got access to one, use a dedicated camera with optical zoom.
    • Stand about 12-15ft back
    • Kneel down to position the camera level with the center of the main triangle.
  3. Take a photo
    • Make sure the frame triangle is in the center of the photo
    • Important: If you can get the fork legs, seatstays, and chainstays lined up with each other so they each appear as one, then you know you’re back far enough and straight on.
  4. Take a backup photo
    • When you think you’ve got a good photo, lower your camera, take a step back, and take another shot.
    • Most photos I get are taken too close to the bike and/or not aligned with the center of the triangle.
  5. Final check and submission
    • Zoom in on your image to check if you can make out the lines on the ruler like you can in the image below.
    • Email the full res images to


Frame Bag Installation
  • Here are a few tips for installing your new frame bag:
    1. Remove the bottle cage bolts from your frame.
    2. Undo the shock cord on the top of the bag except for the last loop (closest to the seat tube) on the webbing.
    3. Wrap the velcro strap at the end of the zipper around the seat tube.
    4. Hold up the shock cord to find the middle
    5. Thread the shock cord over the length of the top tube and through the webbing on the top of the bag.
    6. Use the cord lock to secure the ends of the shock cord and tuck the extra into the port at the front of the bag.   
    7. Apply a little grease to the bottle cage bolts.
    8. Loosely install the bolts through the grommets on the frame bag. (You may need to flatten the bag along the down tube with your hand to find the appropriate position for the grommets relative to the bolts.)
    9. When you’ve found the right position, tighten down the bolts.
    10. If your frame bag “puckers” above the bolt on attachments, loosen the bolts and slide the bag down lower. 
    11. Optional: use the included velcro strap to secure the bag to the downtube
  • Hip Pack transition to Handlebar Mode:
  • Handlebar Roll instructions: