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Triple Crown Gear List

Tour Divide Chumba Sendero setup
Tour Divide
Colorado Trail Race Chumba Sendero gear list
Colorado Trail
Arizona Trail Race chumba sendero
Arizona Trail

Here’s a gear list deep dive for what I used on the Triple Crown Challenge this year. Most of my gear was the same for these races, but they each have unique characteristics that warranted changes.

*These are the setups that worked for me. You may want more or less gear depending on how cold you sleep or how uncomfortable you’re willing to be.

Bike Breakdown

Tour DivideColorado TrailArizona TrailNotes
FrameChumba Sendero TiChumba Sendero TiChumba Sendero TiThe do-it-all trail bike. Big mud clearance was great for TD and I love the way it rides on singletrack.
ForkNiner rigid carbonFox 34 FactoryFox 34 FactoryTD is fine rigid. Might be faster with suspension. 
HandlebarsSalsa Salt Flat carbonSalsa Salt Flat carbonSalsa Salt Flat carbonWide 31.8 section is nice for aerobar mounting.
BrakesShimano XT 4 pistonShimano XT 4 pistonShimano XT 4 piston
GripsWolftooth Mega FatpawWolftooth Mega FatpawWolftooth Mega FatpawI think I prefer the regular Fatpaw instead.
Bar endsCane CreekCane CreekCane Creek
AerobarsProfile Designs hardware, ebay carbon extensionsN/AN/AI wouldn’t do TD without aerobars.
StemEnve 35mmEnve 35mmEnve 35mm
SeatpostPNW Loam DropperPNW Loam DropperPNW Loam DropperNot interested in riding without a dropper.
SaddleErgon SMC CoreErgon SMC CoreErgon SMC CoreKept my butt pretty happy on a lot of really rough miles.
Bottom BracketCane Creek HellbenderCane Creek HellbenderCane Creek HellbenderReplaced bb mid TD. Swapped bearings between races.
CrankCane Creek eeWingsCane Creek eeWingsCane Creek eeWingsFancy
PedalsShimano XT TrailShimano XT TrailShimano XT TrailPedal body came off the spindle on AZT due to my rebuild a week prior. Torque those nuts! Replaced with new XT pedals at Lemmon8 in Summerhaven.
ChainringWolftooth 32t stainlessWolftooth 32t stainlessWolftooth 32t stainless
CogBoone Ti 16tSurly 22tSurly 22t16t cog is worn out after TD. I’ll stick with steel cogs.
ChainSram 10 speedSram 10 speedSram 10 speedNever had an issue with these. 
RimsNox Teocalli 29Nox Teocalli 29Nox Teocalli 29
Front hubSON28 dynamoSON28 dynamoSON28 dynamoGreat for charging on TD. Nice to have full brightness on all descents on CTR and AZTR, plus a little charging on pedaly sections.
Rear hubDT Swiss 240DT Swiss 240DT Swiss 240Star ratchet is where it’s at.
TiresVittoria Mezcal 2.25″Maxxis Rekon 2.4″Maxxis Rekon 2.4″No issues during these races. A few small punctures that sealant fixed. Mezcals roll so fast. Rekons are tough to beat for long distance singletrack.
Downtube storageKing Cage mount N/AKing Cage mount No need for extra capacity on CTR.

Tour Divide sleep setup

Sleep kit

Tour DivideColorado TrailArizona TrailNotes
Sleeping bagWestern Mountaineering Highlite 35FWestern Mountaineering Highlite 35FWestern Mountaineering Highlite 35F1lb bag. I only wished I had a warmer bag on the last couple nights of the AZT, but I would bring this again.
Sleeping padKlymit X-frameKlymit X-frameThermarest Z-liteFoam pad is nice for AZT, lots of sharp things around. The x-frame is kinda silly, but works for me.
BivyDIYDIYDIY6oz wind and bug bivy. Water resistant bottom half.
Tarp6”x9” Silpoly6”x9” Silpoly6”x9” Silpoly9oz 1 person tarp
PillowKlymit KlymitSea to SummitI upgraded to a thicker inflatable pillow for AZT. I sleep much better with a dedicated pillow.
ExtrasDown bootiesDown bootiesDown bootiesMy toes are the first thing to get cold, these help me sleep in cold temps.

Tour Divide snow conditions


Tour DivideColorado TrailArizona TrailNotes
ShirtShort sleeve snap buttonShort sleeve snap buttonLong sleeve snap buttonLong sleeve is nice for overgrowth and sun protection on AZT. 
ShortsPatagonia mtb shortsPatagonia mtb shortsLightweight REI zip-offsZip-off pants are nice to have for overgrowth on the AZT, plus cold temps up north. 
UnderwearVuori compression shortsVuori compression shortsVuori compression shortsNo chamois here.
Socks2 lightweight wool, 1 thick wool2 lightweight wool, 1 thick wool2 lightweight wool, 1 thick woolIf anything I’d bring another pair for each race.
ShoesPearl Izumi X-Alp ElevatePearl Izumi X-Alp ElevatePearl Izumi X-Alp ElevateThese held up pretty well. I used one pair for 300 miles of AZT last year, then TD and CTR. I had a fresh pair for AZT.
GlovesSummer mtb gloves, Defeet wool glovesSummer mtb gloves, Defeet wool glovesSummer mtb gloves, Defeet wool glovesI bought leather work gloves in Flagstaff on the AZT to stay warm
ExtrasCycling cap, thin beanie, buffCycling cap, thin beanie, buffCycling cap, thin beanie, buff
PuffyPatagonia NanopuffPatagonia NanopuffPatagonia NanopuffSynthetic insulation works when wet
Top layerWool arm warmersWool long sleeve shirtWool long sleeve shirtArm warmers are fast to change. Wool shirt is so nice to have under a rain jacket when cold and wet.
Bottom layerKnee warmersKnee warmersN/AZip-offs cover the knees on AZT
Rain jacketMontbell VersaliteMontbell VersaliteMontbell VersaliteLight, big pit zips
Rain pantsMarmot PrecipMarmot PrecipMarmot Precip
Rain glovesCG Habitats mittsCG Habitats mittsCG Habitats mittsI bought these because of the trigger finger design. They are not waterproof anymore, material worn away at high stress areas. 
Rain socksRocky Goretex socksRocky Goretex socksN/AKept my feet dry in lots of wet weather.

Water to filter along the Arizona Trail


Tour DivideColorado TrailArizona TrailNotes
PurificationAquatabs, used onceBeFree filter, used dailyBeFree filter, used frequentlyAlways carried Aquatabs as a backup.
Frame bag3L bladder1L Befree3L bladder
Downtube1.5L NalgeneN/A1.5L Nalgene
Feed bag1 standard bottleN/AN/A
On my backN/A2L bladder in hip pack3L bladder in backpack, 0.6L BeFreeKeeping weight off the back was a priority for TD.
Total capacity5L3L8L


  • All Dispersed Bikepacking (made by me) except an Osprey backpack for AZT.
    • I used a 24L Osprey Stratos backpack during the AZT. I wanted a substantial pack with a frame for the hike through the Grand Canyon. I carried my hiking poles in the backpack.
    • I liked storing my rain gear in my hip pack for quick layer changes during Tour Divide


  • Garmin Edge 1030 Plus (switched to Edge 1040 Solar on AZT)
  • Garmin inReach Mini
  • Sinewave Beacon dynamo light
  • Fenix PD35 helmet light
  • Nitecore F2 18650 cache battery and spare batteries for helmet light
  • 2x USB wall outlet adapters plus assorted cables


  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • A&D ointment. For chafing.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide cream. To dry any sores out overnight.

First Aid Kit:

  • KT tape. Pro or extreme is worth the premium.
  • Bandaids
  • Gauze pads
  • Neosporin cream
  • Aleve pills
  • Benadryl pills

Repair Kit:

  • Tire plug tool and bacon strips. Stored on handlebars for quick access. Strips of tshirt material work just as well, sometimes even better when it comes to a big hole.
  • Blackburn Wayside multitool
  • Gerber dime mini pliers
  • Topeak HV MTB pump
  • Topeak micro shock pump
  • 2oz sealant
  • Curved needle and thread
  • Super glue
  • Tire lever
  • Spare tube
  • Patch kit
  • Spare valve and valve core
  • Quick links and section of chain
  • Spare cleat and bolts
  • Spare bolts 
  • Dispersed eeWings Ti adapter
  • Chain lube and rag
  • Zip ties
  • Gorilla tape

Arizona Trail Race canyon hike
Canyon hiking mode. Check out my AZT video here.

17 thoughts on “Triple Crown Gear List”

  1. Hi Andrew – can you tell us a little about your lights please? I had 2x Exposure Joysticks on TD 2022 (and TD2018) but am just moving to a SON28 and Beacon. How good are they for low speed, especially downhills? I seemed to get caught on a lot of those this year! (into Whitefish, into Basin, into Lima, into Warm River, from Togwottee, over after BML, over after Boreas, after Marshall Pass, into Del Norte, over into Mogolon and more!)

    1. The Beacon definitely flickers at low speed, but the Fenix light on my helmet mostly washes out the flicker so it doesn’t really bother me. Above 7-8mph the light is steady and bright, so I thought it was great for descents. Full brightness while descending without worrying about managing battery is why I brought it on the singletrack races as well.
      I like the Fenix for a helmet light because it uses replaceable, rechargeable batteries and I can take it off for day riding. Battery life is really good too. I think the main disadvantage is the beam is just a round spot.

  2. Great article and gear list. I really liked to read details about your bike and each piece of gear. It would be nice to write something about nutrition on the triple crown in the future. Thanks again. Great website as well.

  3. Thanks, Andrew for the reply on front suspension. how did your rain gear fair the first week on the divide? That’s what I’m most perplexed about for my kit.

  4. Thanks for sharing your gear lists. I assume you tied your tarp between trees in an A frame as I didn’t see any tarp poles.

  5. Thanks for the peek into your setups, it’s really helpful. For the CTR, besides you not needing the extra water capacity you get from a downtube Nalgene, do you ever find yourself shouldering your bike for any of the hike-a-bikes on the CT and need that downtube real-estate to carry your bike on your shoulder?


    1. I don’t think I shouldered my bike during CTR, I usually find it easier to push the bike next to me while hiking. I’ve carried a small tool bag on the down tube previously on CTR, but I avoid strapping things there so I don’t have to be as careful when lifting my bike over downed trees.

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