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Sand and Snow on the Mojave Road

Looking to break in her new fatbike this winter, Katie set out on the notoriously sandy Mojave Road. Historically a Native American trade route, a 140-mile portion of the route was popularized in the off-roading community in the 1980s.

Loaded up with eight liters of water, 5,000 calories, and extra layers for the cold, Katie was ready for a long day in the saddle. She carried her food, water, and layers using a custom frame bag, top tube bag, a couple roll top stem bags, a roll top hip pack in handlebar bag mode, and a prototype seat bag. 

When the overcast day turned into a snowstorm, Katie was glad she was able to carry everything she needed to get over the snowy pass to where the warm van was waiting. 

You can read or listen to the rest of Katie’s thoughts on her ride at and you can see the video from her Mojave Road fat bike ride here

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