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Katie’s AZT 300 2021 Lessons Learned

Check out Katie’s write up on her two AZT 300 attempts in the Spring of 2021 on Chumba’s Blog. 

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Part 1: 

My first attempt started in mid-March with some friends and fellow singlespeeders, all with potato pseudonyms. It was silly and I loved it. There was Tater Tot, Pomme Frites, Meta Tater, Young Tater, Mashed Taters, Potatoes O’Brien, and myself, Potayto Potahto. Our group of seven planned an early morning start, excited to race each other and to experience the AZT 300.

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Part 2:

The first day I was right on the pace I wanted. My body felt good, I had a tailwind, and the morning temperatures weren’t as cold as my first attempt. I could push my pace until about noon when I had to meter my energy just a bit to deal with the heat. I took my last sip of water a mile before Kentucky Camp, perfect timing. It was my first break.

Read more on Chumba’s Blog

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