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Great Divide Gear List

Update: 2022 gear list for racing the triple crown events is located here.

Sleep system
QuiltLocolibre 30ºF quiltLocolibre 30ºF quiltWith DIY shock cord quilt straps
PadZ Lite SOL (cut down)Neoair X-lite (small)
Tenttent polesBig Agnes Tiger Wall UL2Considered bringing a groundsheet. The floor held up well without one. This tent was fairly new, we’re impressed so far.
UtensilLight My Fire Ti sporkSea to Summit spork
Water purifier + bladdersSawyer SqueezeOnly needed to filter once on day 2. Would consider just bringing purification tablets. Sawyer bladder leaked after first use.
Bladder70oz bladder100oz bladderKept in frame bags. Bladders were easier to carry into a gas station than 4 bottles. Ended up buying some disposable bottles for additional capacity in the desert after talking to northbound riders. We had 6L each, which was more than enough.
Bottles1x 20oz1x 16oz
gallon ziploc for leftoversx1
Compact drawstring bagx1x1Drawstring bag was nice to have for extra food, but not comfortable to ride with. Katie started tying it to her aerobars, but it was floppy on rough roads. Something with slightly more substantial straps? Sent one home halfway.
Bear bag line40ftOnly used a few times. Sent home in Sargents, CO.
Camp gear
Lighter/firestarterBic lighter
ToiletriesTeeth/lipbalmToothbrushes cut in half
Bear sprayx1x1Left at Brush Mountain Lodge (out of grizzly country)
Bug sprayx1Only used it a couple times. Otherwise we just kept moving or got into our tent. We treated some of our clothes and our tent with Permetherine before leaving.
First aid kitx1Purchased KT tape in Whitefish to address achilles tendon pain and knee pain. We will bring another roll on the next long trip. Constantly resupplying on ibuprofen.
Wet wipesx1
Butt kitA&D, hydrocortisone
Bibs/linersPatagonia linersGiro Expert bibsKatie used liners a few days when seams of underwear were causing issues.
Riding shortsPatagonia Dirt CraftPrana Mojo
SS wool tIcebreaker woolIcebreaker wool
Lightweight socksPearl Izumi woolSwrve wool
MTB glovesGiro DNDGiro DND
MTB shoesSpecialized MotodivaGiro Terraduro
CapWalz thin cap
SunglassesOakleySpyPlus clear lens
Rain jacketMB VersaliteMB VersalitePit zips kept us from getting too warm and helped cut down on layer changing stops.
Rain pantsPatagonia HoudiniPatagonia HoudiniWater resistant pants wet through in the heavier rain and Katie ripped hers. Ended up buying more substantial waterproof pants halfway. (Andrew was right, buying those pants meant we wouldn’t get any more rain)
Rain socksSealskinzSealskinzKept feet dry in light rain, had a wetsuit effect in substantial rain. Sent home in Sargents, CO.
Might try Rocky Gore-tex socks next time.
GlovesPearl Izumi lobsterLobster gloves were definitely overkill, but they were a nice luxury at times, especially when other gloves were wet. Sent home in Sargents, CO
GlovesGiro linersGiro woolKatie sent hers home in Sargents.
Waterproof mittenseVent mittseVent mittsDIY project. Worked well except for in hours of rain. Need to seal the seams better.
Latex glovesx1x1Brought as an emergency layer under wet gloves, didn’t end up using these.
Wind vestGiroCastelliUsed almost every day
BuffREI WoolEndura WoolSent home in Sargents, CO
SunsleevesPearl IzumiPearl IzumiThese are fairly new to us, but we used them almost every day. We didn’t have to apply as much sunscreen, and we used them as an additional layer in the cold.
Knee/leg warmersPearl IzumiSent home in Sargents, CO
Extra socksIcebreaker woolthick woolAndrew sent his home in Sargents.
Down jacketREIMontbell EX light anorakKatie was jealous of the hood on Andrew’s down jacket on cold nights.
UnderwearIcebreaker woolIcebreaker woolAndrew didn’t have a need for his underwear and sent them home in Sargents, CO. Katie brought 3 pairs for riding, but really only needed 2, sent one pair home in Sargents as well.
LS topPatagonia CapileneIcebreaker woolSent home in Sargents, CO
Wool bottomsIcebreakerAndrew brought knee warmers instead of wool knickers. Happy with that decision for ease of changing. Katie liked having the warm layer for sleeping.
Warm hatSmartwool headbandIcebreaker wool
Stuff sack5L drybagquilt stuff sackKept small clothes items organized, acted as a pillow
Tool kit/spares
TubesSchwalbe SV19a x2Kept in a small peanut butter jar for protection
Patch kitx1Including plugs and tool, floss and needle, tire boot
Tire leversx2
Mini pliers/scissorsGerber Dime mini pliersMini pliers are a must-have
Multi-toolBlackburn WaysideLoved the individual hex wrenches on this tool
Spare cleats1 spare set
Spare brake pads2 spare setsAndrew’s needed to be replaced in Sawtelle, ID. Katie’s never needed to be replaced. Fortunately, both of our bikes use the same brake pad type.
Sealant1x 2oz Stans
Quicklinksx2Plus a few extra chain links
Chain lubeDumonte TechPlus a small rag for cleaning
PumpCrank Bros Klic HVGreat pump
Spare spokeFiberFix Spoke
Derailleur hangersx1Brought a derailleur hanger for Katie’s bike. Andrew’s bike has sliding dropouts, so SS setup was the backup plan.
Tapeduct tape around lube
Misc small partsziploc bagExtra bolts, zipties, shift cable, super glue, chainring bolt, valve core and valve nut, spare spoke nipples, presta to schrader adapter
HeadlightGarmin UT800Sinewave BeaconAndrew had a SP PD8X Dynamo and a Sinewave Beacon headlight, which has a USB output for charging electronics. We never had to worry about having enough power, but we didn’t do much night riding.
Tail lightCygoliteCygolite
GPSGarmin Edge 1030 + Charge external battery packGarmin Edge 1030 + Charge external battery packAndrew split the route up into 7 sections, corresponding to the ACA maps. They loaded quickly each morning and turn by turn directions were helpful. It was nice to have a big screen and long battery life.
The external battery pack boosted the battery life to 3-4 full days of riding.
Cache batteryRavpower 12000mahCharged at resturants/hotels and by the dynamo
CablesUSB-C, micro, mini
HeadlampBD RevoltBD RevoltZip tied to helmet
GPS trackerinReach MiniTopped off the rechargable battery a couple times, but probably could have let it die and charged it once. Battery should last 20 days on 20min extended tracking mode. Sent and received messages to friends and family while outside cell coverage (majority of the route). Checked the weather a couple times too. Impressed with the size and functionality.
CameraVirb Ultra + extra battery
PhoneIPX7 rated phoneLifeproof caseEverything will get wet. We wished we had a bluetooth speaker
Waterproof bag3L drybagSmall drybag for non-waterproof electronics
On the bike
Handlebar bagAdvanced Elements “lite” 10L dry bagThin dry bags wore through when strapped outside. Front bag survived, but wasn’t waterproof after halfway. We didn’t get any rain after that though.
Voile strapsx2x2For strapping things to handlebars
Handlebar extensionx1x1Cheap handlebar extension provided support for cargo and protected cables. Katie’s sleeping pad and Andrew’s drybag were strapped to the handlebars
Frame bagCustomCustomHomemade bags. The OG Dispersed Bikepacking bags
Seatpost bagBlackburnBlackburn
Extra cagesBlackburn cargo cage and standard bottle cageKatie lost a bolt and bottle on her fork bottle cage, so more frequent bolt checks would’ve been smart.
Top tube bagAlpkit Fuel PodAlpkit Fuel Pod
Feedbag #2Alpkit Stem CellAlpkit Stem Cell
Bear spray holsterOutvi PossmOutvi PossmKatie used the Possm to hold a 1 liter bottle once we got rid of our bear spray. These are great tool rolls when not being used for bear spray.
BikeFocus Raven 27.5 hardtail with Salsa Cutthroat rigid forkCustom Ti gravel frame with 3T Luteus II forkWe both rode rigid bikes with 2.1″ tires for weight and efficiency. Katie would seriously consider using front suspension with a lockout. Lots of rough descents that beat us up.
HandlebarsFlat bars with bar ends. ESI gripsEaston EA70 AX drop bars
AerobarsProfile Design T1+ w/ Siren Fred BarProfile Design T1+ w/ 50mm risersAreobars are a must. They got the weight off our hands and gave us another position to ride in.
SaddleBrooks Cambium C17 Carved All WeatherBrooks Cambium C13 Carved
Tires2.1″ Vittoria Mezcals2.1″ Vittoria MezcalsTires were awesome. Between the two of us we had to plug one tire to fix a slow leak. The tire seemed dry inside, so we probably should’ve added more sealant midroute. We both started and finished on the same pair of tires.
WheelsArch rims with Hope hubsArch rim with SP dynamo, carbon rim with Hope rear hub
Gearing2x 38/26 with 11-36 cassette1x 34 oval with 11-42 cassetteNo issues with gearing.
Thanks for checking out our Great Divide Gear List!
Great Divide Gear list

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  1. When looking at your bicycle link you know what you guys brought on the trip a lot of that stuff is cut off on the right hand side like I don’t know what bikes you guys had I know what one of you had I don’t know what the other had I’m wondering if you can go through that list again in an email to me no break it up so it’s easy for me to understand so I know what bike carried what gear and who wrote it lol. Thank you very much I really enjoyed the video it done extraordinarily well I can tell a lot of work went into the editing in that type of stuff so that’s really cool that suspended bridge I would’ve been across there in less than 30 seconds because yeah I wouldn’t even stop in for scenery photos lol. Thank you guys for doing all the hard work, and when you guys head for tires would be great you know everything that would be really good to know if I hope to make this ride one day soon please no like where you guys are on your route to you know but anyways I know you mentioned it but how many miles in or whatever but anyway who am I to judge or try to perfect your video I would never be able to do that I’d have to do a photo log.

    And just so you guys know Maine has over 8000 miles of ATV trails you know well over that actually and so that would make a nice ride for you guys you could get here like in the end of April and you could ride our trails right up until not October. And if you don’t mind me asking on the personal side of things what is it the two of you do for work thank you and have a great 2023

  2. What time of the year did you do this ride and would you do it again at the same time of the year?
    The equipment/clothes that you used on this trip. Would you change any of those items?
    Thank you for your video it was very good.

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