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Great Divide Day 3

We woke up to another wet morning. We waited for the rain to slow a bit before we got out of our tent and packed up camp. We immediately began climbing on a gravel road then turned onto a trail. The singletrack was fun until the trail turned into a creek from all the rain. At first we tried to keep our shoes dry, but the crossings got too wide and we had to suck it up and walk through the water. Last night, one the racers warned us about “the wall,” a 20-30 minute hike-a-bike section. We saw someone ahead of us making his way up what could only be “the wall.” He took a couple steps, pushed his bike a couple feet, then stopped, couple of steps, couple of feet, and stop. I mentally prepared myself for the hike, and while it was slow going, it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. 

We hopped back on the bikes and climbed and climbed some more. When we finally reached the top of Galton Pass, the trees were covered in snow and we were getting spit on with tiny ice pellets. The descent down was rough and cold but we were ready to give our legs a break. 

After 32 miles and 5 hours, we finally made it to the border. There was a convenience store there, but we decided to push 10 more miles to Eureka, MT to get a proper lunch. The ride to Eureka was mostly flat with a crosswind and we were ready to eat anything when we got there. We ordered a 16″ pizza and coffee and just sat for a while. When we finally felt ready to go again, we bought some groceries and started pedaling on the rolling pavement section for the next few miles. 

About 10 miles later, we saw a sign for a brewery on route and knew that it was time for another stop. We ordered a flight at HA Brewing Co then ordered our favorite. 

We made it up and halfway down one more pass before stopping at a national Forest campground for the night. 

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