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Great Divide Day 24

Yesterday evening our group talked about getting up at 4:45, but after our tough day, no one stirred until 6. We all planned on a Monday finish with about 240 miles to go. We had a lot of elevation to cover today. No big climbs, just up and down all day long. 37 miles in, we stopped at the Beaverhead Work Station for water and the firefighters offered us leftover sandwiches. On a day where we wouldn’t get to services until 95 miles in, the sandwiches made a great lunch. 

Once we left the work station, the climbing and heat really started. It seemed like we spent forever between 40 and 50 miles. 

We played 20 questions to keep our minds off the slow pace and the heat. The sun didn’t stay out long before we got cloud cover and the temperature reading  on Andrew’s Garmin dropped from 102 degrees to 82 degrees. 

We ran into a northbound rider who didn’t give us much hope that the camp store on the Great Divide route would be open by the time we got there on a Sunday evening, but we were running low on food and decided to check anyways. They were open and the cashier was impressed by the amount of food we bought. We were refueled and motivated to get to Silver City. 

Just outside of town, we ran into Wendy, the woman currently in 3rd place in the race. We rode into town and ate at Denny’s because it was open. 

I think that was the first time I couldn’t finish a meal. We debated about whether we should continue on and camp a few miles down the road or stay in Silver City. Our decision became easier when Cameron offered to split a room. We each took a quick shower (I think it’ll take a few to get all the dirt of) and fell right to sleep. 

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