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Great Divide Day 23

Once we downed our Subway breakfast sandwiches, we headed out to wrap up the last 20 miles of pavement at least for today. 

Getting back onto gravel and dirt made the miles go by way faster. 

On our way to Pie Town, a woman in her car told us we should stop at the Gatherin’ Place for lunch and to tell Cowboy Bob that his wife sent us. We did just that. We ate a big breakfast and pie for dessert. Since we wouldn’t go through any other towns today, we got pulled pork sandwiches to go.

We got back into the forest today for a sustained climb. As we exited the forest to head back into the desert, we came across two other bike tourists. One started at the border of Mexico, he and his bike were still clean looking. The other has been touring in Mexico for the past 6 months on a 2 year tour. He said he is headed to Alaska. Before we started the long exposed stretch, we stopped for water at a church. Cameron, Mike, and Gary were there too. We rehydrated and ate some snacks. We decided to take a nap to let the heat die down before continuing on. That nap was a good call because we needed some extra energy to get through the washboarded headwind section that came next. 

We could see the forest for miles and when we finally arrived in the wilderness area, we found Mike, Gary, and Cameron setting up camp. We decided to stay there too. We have a couple of big days left and we’re hoping to finish on Monday. 

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