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Great Divide Day 22

We only snoozed for 20 minutes before we got up at 3:20 to get our early start. We filled up on 6 liters of water each before we set out into the desert. 

We had more pavement to knock out today. It’s not quite as interesting, riding on the highway, but there was very little traffic and the motorists were courteous. One woman even drove up to us, rolled down her window, and asked if we were good on water. We had either a headwind or crosswind most of the day, but it wasn’t the worst thing because it kept us cool and we had lots if cloud cover. 

By 2pm I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and I was moving real slow. The road went through a tunnel and we decided that was a perfect place to take a nap.

The rest of the afternoon went much more smoothly and we made it to Grants, NM for dinner at the Route 66 Junkyard Brewery. On the way out of town, we got riding food and a Subway sandwich for later tonight and one for the morning. Cameron texted Andrew about a free campground about 10 miles away, so we met him there. The wind wore us all out today, so we’ll try to get a good night’s sleep. 



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