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Great Divide Day 16

It’s always a little more difficult to get going in the morning when we get a hotel room, so we got up at 6. By the time we got breakfast and coffee, we started rolling at 7:30. We had 130 miles, 3 passes, and 10,000 feet of climbing to cover today. We knew it would be a long day so we were intentional about eating a lot early in the day. We went over Lynx pass first. It was a dirt climb with a deceiving descent that had punchy hills throughout. 

There was some traffic from river rafting companies on the next climb, but it wasn’t too bad. We went a couple miles off route to resupply at Kremmling where I ate the first corndog I’ve had in a really long time. We had one final pass, Ute Pass, to finish before we got to Silverthorne. It was fast and gradual and the view from the top was beautiful. 

On the way into Silverthorne, we ran into Ben from Australia. We rode into town together and ate Chipotle for dinner. Andrew and I decided to camp tonight and the closest campground was at Lake Dillon. When we arrived, we rode circles around the campground looking for a vacant spot. When we couldn’t find one, we asked the only people who were awake if we could share their site. Betsy and Jamie were happy to share their campsite and beer. We enjoyed a campfire and discussed work-life balance and the change in work culture we’ve noticed these days. We had a successful day with an epic ride and new friends. 

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