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Grand Loop Race 2024

This spring our major focus was gearing up for the Grand Loop. With the start of the race just an hour away in Nucla, CO and the route coming within 20 miles of our workshop, it felt like our backyard route. It was easy to get on similar chunky, doubletrack terrain right from our door. 

This rugged route is considered the first bikepacking race, but despite its long history, there is a short list of finishers. On May 31, we set out on the Grand Depart on the 365-mile route connecting the Paradox, Kokopelli, and Tabeguache trails with over 40 other racers. 

Photo by Scott Morris

Andrew smashed the race, winning overall and setting a new singlespeed record. Katie was the second woman to finish, behind the legendary Alexandera Houchin, who was also rocking Dispersed bags!

The finish line party with an incredible crew was a great way to spend the first bit of our recovery time. Almost every person who finished was stoked on the route (aside from the cow-trampled Glencoe Bench right at the end!). It was really rad to see. 

We both started our lists of what we could change for next time to improve. Since this is a backyard race for us, we’ll certainly be lining up again next year!

Here is an article about Andrew’s record-setting ride on and some thoughts from Andrew on the Chumba blog.

Here is a YouTube video from Katie’s race and her reflections about bikepack racing with gears vs. singlespeed

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