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Dispersed handmade bikepacking bags are designed to be used wherever your bike takes you. They’ve been tested on the Great Divide, Colorado Trail, and Arizona Trail, along with thousands of miles of backcountry chunk.

All Dispersed gear is made in the USA with 100% solar power.

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  • Grand Loop Race 2024

    Grand Loop Race 2024

    This spring our major focus was gearing up for the Grand Loop. With the start of the race just an hour away in Nucla, CO and the route coming within 20 miles of our workshop, it felt like our backyard route. It was easy to get on similar chunky, doubletrack terrain right from our door. … Read…

  • Big Day in Beef Basin

    Big Day in Beef Basin

    Looking at maps and dreaming up routes is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Scrolling around on a map one day, I fixated on Beef Basin, an area just southwest of the Needles District of Canyonlands. Its dirt roads, archaeological ruins, and remoteness captured my curiosity. I couldn’t find much… Read…

  • Easter Weekend in the Swell

    Easter Weekend in the Swell

    When Tim posed about doing a bid dumb ride in the Swell Easter weekend, we couldn’t say no. I’ve ridden in the Swell once before during the Utah Mixed Epic and have been wanting to go back since. The weird rock formations, interesting canyons, and engaging riding had me excited about this area. Since I… Read…

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